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This course includes a comprehensive introduction to signs and indicators, behavior, attacks deterrence, & camping and hunting.

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Course Details

Always expect the unexpected and be prepared for it.

This online course provides information that will prepare you to handle situations that you may encounter when working, hunting, camping, or travelling in bear country. In addition to teaching you about the general characteristics and habits of bears, you will learn how to recognize and react to both defensive and non-defensive attacks to ensure you make it home unharmed.

Topics covered include:

  • Differences between grizzly and black bears
  • General characteristics
  • Signs of agitation
  • Distribution of bear populations
  • Breeding
  • Hibernation
  • Food sources
  • Travelling safely in bear country
  • Recognizing and reacting to defensive and non-defensive attacks
  • When and how to play dead
  • Using and handling bear spray
  • Bear bangers
  • Camping safely in bear country
  • Hunting safely in bear country

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Course Topics